Our Adventures


We specialise in self guided tours for families. These tours, which we call adventures, are either 2 or 5 days in length and currently operate in Tirol Austria. They are open to any family combination that includes an elder with a child. Our passion is to create the space for you and your loved ones to play together, learn together, adventure together, grow together and create life long memories together.

How to play:       (see desired Adventure for detailed itinery)

You make your own way to the starting town of your adventure. This will be the ending town as well.

We will meet you there and provide you with a game/play book. In it is a set of clues, a series of challenges, a bunch of engaging questions  and the odd code. This game book is your guide around the course you have chosen. As you complete challenges and solve clues you make your way along our mystery course using whatever local transport is available to you. This may be simply by foot, bike or bus or it may be a little more exotic like by steam train or canoe. You will come to numerous checkpoints along the way where you may be required to change transport, visit a local site and or complete a challenge. Main checkpoints are each nights accommodation.

They say happiness is found in the journey not the destination. With our adventures it is in both because at each nights accommodation a range of fun and educational games and challenges await you.

To make the adventure even more exciting points will be awarded along the way for the winners of certain challenges as well as the overall winning family. But remember the real winners are the families who have had the most fun and who head home with the strongest Family Spirit.


…………………..                                               Team spirit is an amazing thing, Family Spirit is even better!                                                   ……………………..