About Us

Family spirit Adventures is a conscious Travel Co. who specialise in and love facilitating self guided adventures for families. It is our passion to create the space for you and your loved ones to play together, learn together, adventure together, grow together and create life long memories TOGETHER.

A little about our founder…

Hi! My name is Geoff Havenaar and I am the founder and owner of Family Spirit Adventures.

I love to travel. More precisely I love the adventure of travelling! I love the gorgeous and forever changing landscapes. I love the interesting people and their cultures and I love the various forms of transport that generally make the journey more enriching than the destination. For me the adventure comes in exploring the unknown, with me ‘at the wheel’

I also love playing team games and the feeling of team spirit it brings. Wether it is team building games like solving puzzles and amazing races, organised sports like soccer and cricket or retro games like sack and 3 legged racing. There is just so much fun to be had by playing games as part of a team.

So after 10 years of working as a guide for some quality Tour Companies showcasing amazing places to clients from all over the world I wanted to create the context of that sense of adventure through self guided travel and I wanted to create it for the greatest team of all, the family, and thus Family Spirit Adventures was born.

We are a tour co for families looking to not only have a weekend or week away but to have a family bonding experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. I hope to meet you soon

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